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McAllister Towing of Baltimore, Inc.
1201 A Wallace Street 
Baltimore, MD 21230

Telephone: (410) 633-1847
Toll Free: (888) 764-5978
Fax: (410) 633-2002
24-Hour Dispatcher: (410) 276-8000
Email: Baltimore@mcallistertowing.com
Baltimore Harbor    Baltimore Harbor Tariff
General Manager & Vice President: Capt. Michael Reagoso 

Operations Manager : Frank Pietrzyk

Tradition meets innovation at the historic Port of Baltimore. The well-located domestic and international hub was founded in 1706 and now boasts state-of-the art facilities. Baltimore has become one of busiest ports on the East Coast, handling annually over 30 million tons of cargo from automobiles to zinc. McAllister Towing has been a steadfast contributor in the port's success since 1980, providing the Upper Chesapeake Bay and surrounding areas with outstanding docking, undocking, towing, dredge services, and general harbor assist services.