McAllister Towing & Transportation

McAllister Towing & Transportation is celebrating 150 years in marine transportation. We operate a fleet of more than 75 tugboats, crew boats and barges in 17 locations along the U.S. East Coast from Portland, ME to San Juan, PR. The fleet of over 270,000 H.P. consists of 28 Z-Drive/ Tractor tugs, 11 Tier II compliant tugs, 20 plus vessels involved in coastal towing and 35 ABS load line classed vessels. In each port, McAllister is engaged in ship docking (servicing more than 1,000 steamship companies), general harbor towing, coastal towing and bulk transportation. As we welcome 3 new Z-Drive/ Tractor tugs to our fleet we continue the McAllister family tradition of being an innovative force in marine transportation.


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