McAllister has the equipment, the local support and industry know-how to tow anything, anywhere at pretty much anytime. McAllister operations can support all projects, which include and are not limited to; supporting major construction projects both foreign and domestic, dead ship tows both foreign and domestic, towing barges in domestic liner services and oil transportation, and working with government and commercial entities.

McAllister Towing & Transportation is also part of the Marine Response Alliance (MRA). The MRA is a leader in providing OPA-90 Salvage and Marine Firefighting services to the maritime community.

As leaders in the offshore towing business, McAllister works closely with its customers to ensure a safe, cost effective, and successful tow. Our highly skilled offshore crews have a long history of meeting challenges with a strong safety record. With one of the largest fleets of high powered tugs on the U.S. East Coast, McAllister responds to emergency calls quickly, while safely providing marine equipment to salvage operations if and when needed.

In addition to its tug fleet, McAllister owns and operates ocean deck barges (ATLANTIC TRADER and CHESPAEKE TRADER) as well as a Covered Warehouse barge that are used by utilities, commodity companies, manufacturers and shippers to transport bulk and industrial cargoes in both domestic and foreign trades.

In every port in which McAllister operates, its ship docking is complemented by a range of local towing operations that includes: towage of barges; marine equipment and structures; shipyard support; attending and towing dredges; towing for municipal governments; assistance to construction projects in and around navigable waterways; and local rescue and safety operations.

Captain Steven J. Kress
Vice President of Operations

Dean Fabian
Operations Manager