With our worldwide network of agents, McAllister works in partnership with the largest liner and tanker fleets in the world. Whether it is docking, undocking or assisting your vessel in any way, McAllister provides unsurpassed service. Our tugs will safely assist all types of vessels from the largest carriers to the smallest freighters and with a tractor tug in every port we are prepared for the New-Panamax size ships. With our balanced fleet, including Z-drive tractor tugs in every port as well as conventional twin-screw tugs, flanking rudder tugs, along with our experienced crews and 24-hour dispatchers McAllister is ready to handle any job at any time. Please feel free to contact national sales or the local General Manager for a quote to service your needs.


Captain A.J. McAllister III
Vice President of Sales

Wayne Stiles
Vice President of Sales

Joseph A. Buckheister
Vice President of Sales: Southeast Region

William Douglas
Vice President: Mid-Atlantice Region

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